Sicily & Calabria - 50th Tour!

April 5-14, 2024

2 seats available! We have spent years exploring Italy with hundreds of amazing travelers, showing them our one-of-a-kind of travel through Italy. So we're celebrating our 50th TOUR by bringing back one of our original itineraries, taking it back to where it all started - Calabria & Sicily!

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Unconventional Tuscany

May 24-June 2, 2024

Limited Space Remaining! Curata Travel and Italian-American food blogger Martina Bartolozzi (@MementoMartina on Instagram) have partnered up again to create a food lover’s dream tour to Tuscany. But this isn’t your usual Tuscan tour, because you’ll be visiting areas of the region that are very well-loved by Italians, but that most foreigners have never heard about!  

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The Wonders of Western Sicily

June 3-10, 2024

Sicily’s rugged coastline contains amazing natural beauty, but many are unaware that the northwest of Sicily is also a fantastic destination for food lovers! Vast expanses of vineyards and olive groves in this corner of the island produce some of Sicily’s best wines and spectacular olive oils. The sea provides an abundant array of the freshest fish and seafood dishes you’ve ever tasted, and the salt pans of Trapani are a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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Chef's Tour with Driftwood Oven's Neil Blazin: Rome & the Amalfi Coast

June 14-21, 2024

Travel alongside James Beard-nominated Neil Blazin of Pittsburgh's Driftwood Oven for a culinary adventure to Rome and the Amalfi Coast! You'll experience the famous culinary specialities of these regions, visiting various food artisans, wineries, producers, and of course - enjoying some delicious meals!

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Chef's Tour with Alaska's Beau Schooler: Emilia Romagna & Tuscany

October 19-27, 2024

Welcome to the culinary journey of a lifetime! Join James Beard-nominated Chef Beau Schooler of Juneau's In Bocca al Lupo and explore the gastronomic treasures of two of Italy's most enchanting regions: Emilia Romagna and Tuscany!

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Christmas Markets Tour

December 4-11, 2024

This tour will truly get you into the holiday spirit as you explore the traditional Christmas Markets of Verona, Bolzano & Trento! Beyond the amazing scenery - snow-capped mountains, charming wooden market stalls and festive light displays - you'll experience the culinary delights of these northernmost regions.

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Sold Out

These tours are currently sold out, but if you are interested please feel free to contact us to join the wait list!

Chef's Tour with LUCA's Taylor Mason: Rome & Amalfi Coast

April 16-23, 2024

SOLD OUT! Join James Beard-nominated Chef Taylor Mason of Lancaster’s LUCA (and coming soon - Pizzeria LUCA!) - for a culinary adventure through Rome & the Amalfi Coast! This will be a pasta- and pizza-lover's dream!

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Due Coste "Coast to Coast"

June 26-July 5, 2024

SOLD OUT! Due Coste is the perfect summer tour - from coast to coast! Starting on the Amalfi Coast, passing through the ancient cave town of Matera in Basilicata, and ending on the coast again in Puglia, this tour truly takes you off the beaten path!

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Tuscan Immersion

SOLD OUT! Introducing our new “Tuscan Immersion” tour! A small group tour (limited to 6 guests) designed to give you a full immersion into culinary life in the Tuscan countryside! Perfect for a group of friends or family members!

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Cruising Croatia

July 19-27, 2024
SOLD OUT! Join us for our maiden voyage to Croatia! Set sail along the stunning Adriatic coastline, where azure waters meet picturesque landscapes as we explore the most beautiful islands and coastal towns of Croatia on a luxurious yacht!
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Sardinia's Emerald Coast

September 16-24, 2024

SOLD OUT! Sardinia will captivate you with its white sand, crystal waters, sheer cliffs and secret grottos. It’s a playground for celebrities, outdoor adventurers, and millionaire yacht owners...but we’ll show you the off-the-beaten path side of this beautiful island!

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Northern Italy

September 28-October 7, 2024

SOLD OUT! Our 10 days and 9 nights will be filled with excursions along the seaside of the Cinque Terre, exploring the culinary depths of the Emilia Romagna region, and finishing off with four nights in the famous Tuscany region!

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Chef's Tour with LUCA's Taylor Mason: Piemonte & Lake Como

October 30-November 6, 2024

SOLD OUT! Join James Beard-nominated Chef Taylor Mason of Lancaster’s LUCA (and coming soon - Pizzeria LUCA!) - for a culinary adventure to the Piemonte and Lombardia regions of Northern Italy!!

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