About Curata Travel

While Curata Travel was established in 2021, we've actually been running tours since 2012 through our parent company Caputo Brothers Creamery. David & Rynn Caputo founded Caputo Brothers Creamery in 2011 after attending culinary school in Calabria, Italy.  Over the years they have developed award-winning cheeses reminiscent of those they fell in love with while traveling and studying in Italy, and the culinary tours came out of this love!

What does "Curata" mean?

Curata translates literally to "curated" in Italian. But it has another meaning, which is "cared for." Both of these definitions perfectly encapsulate our mission in creating and leading these culinary adventures. While our tour offerings have grown exponentially since we started in 2012, we still have the same personal touch and small group feel that we have always focused on.  

As we looked to create a new brand for the travel branch of our business, our team spent a lot of time discussing what our tours really mean - both to us and to our travelers.  And the biggest thing that we feel our travelers come away with is the amount of care they feel during our tours. We focus on each of our guests and how to make their Italy experience the best it can possibly be.

This brings us to the lemon, a symbol of friendship and happiness that you will see all over Italy! Growing lemons requires great patience and a dedicated caretaker to nurture these seeds into a beautiful fruit to be utilized for its tart, tangy pulp as well as its fragrant rind and essential oils.  

Not to mention, lemons feature prominently in some of our favorite food memories in Italy - Delizie al Limone in Tropea, a refreshing Limoncino Spritz in Monterosso al Mare, Granita al Limone in Nerano, and of course...Limoncello!