Testimonials from some of our Curata traveler family!

Truly a stroll through Italy and relaxing, while all encompassing. Caputos and staff are great hosts. Caputo colleagues in Italy welcomed us like family because the Caputos "are family." Genuine efforts of all to make sure our needs were met. Truly all-inclusive which makes the up-front cost a good investment. Thank you!

I just wanted all of you to know what a fabulous time we had on our trip. We loved everything about it: the beautiful locations; interesting tours; and wonderful restaurants. But all of that was made even better by our wonderful hosts. Their knowledge and attention to detail enhanced every part of the trip. Their real gift was making everyone feel included. Because of them we became a community in a very short time. It was like taking a trip with your friends. 

This was a remarkable trip! A favorite part of the trip was certainly the cultivated experiences - especially those focused on food. This is beyond an insider's guide to a locale -this is a private entry into some very specific experiences hand picked with caring hosts at the ready with information and food...plenty of food!

Even though I have traveled to Italy many times, I never experienced the in-depth look at the culture, the land, the food, the history of Italy.

I think that's what made this trip so outstanding and gave me a great appreciation of the Italians' love of the land and what it produces.

There are so many tours that do the tourist thing but these trips are a one of a kind find if you want to meet the Italian people and real Italian food as well as see the out of the way places in Italy.

It's difficult to pick a favorite part. Loved the meals. Loved visiting the producers and that the tours were not industrial feeling but more like visiting friends. It was great the way that you pieced everything together such that the sum was greater than the individual events.

Astoundingly good fun. The passion and knowledge and skill showed through every step. Loved it!

I already have told people that if you want a stress free trip to really see Italy and her people, have GREAT food without having to search for it, stay in terrific, beautiful, out of the way places and not feel like you are being rushed and running around...then this is the perfect trip. If you want the tourist stuff then it is not.

About the time I thought you hit the top, you went higher! I was so impressed with all the planning you did and the attention we all got from all four of you. You are the best!