The Advantages of Escorted Travel

The Advantages of Escorted Travel

Blog written by Layla Hoffmaster

Layla is working towards earning her Bachelor's degree in Italian Studies and English at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. She spent the summer '23 as an intern at Curata Travel and is currently spending her junior year studying abroad in Italy. In bocca al lupo, Layla!


The whole point of a vacation is to relax and get away from your everyday routine, but let’s be honest, traveling can be pretty stressful. Even before you leave your home you’re overwhelmed with all of the planning you have to do. You need to find a place to stay, figure out transportation, and schedule all of the activities you want to do. Once you finally reach your destination you still worry about anything else that could go wrong. No one should have to spend their entire vacation worrying instead of enjoying themselves. This is why so many people have turned to “Escorted Tours,” but what exactly are these tours? Escorted tours are group tours where travelers are accompanied by an experienced tour director throughout the entire duration of their trip. This director will stay with the group as they travel to the different excursions and meals on the itinerary.

Escorted tours are becoming more and more popular and with all of their benefits, it’s clear why. For one thing, escorted tours help people make the most of their time in a new place while also getting to relax and take a break. Another advantage of escorted tours is that your itinerary is already planned out for you, saving you the stress of scheduling various excursions, hotels and meals. On escorted tours, you also always have at least one tour director nearby at all times, ready to help with any questions. When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to do is spend hours on the phone trying to sort out any changes to your plans, so it really helps to have a director who knows what to do if something comes up. Since escorted tours are usually small groups, you have the chance to meet people with similar interests and build connections within the group.

At Curata Travel, our tours aim to showcase the culture and culinary traditions of Italy. Our customers can attest to the advantages of escorted travel. When asked about her experience with escorted tours one customer told us how she appreciated the time and dedication that her tour curators and directors put into the trip, praising their passion for their work and how they were able to find opportunities for people to travel off the beaten path and explore an area that they might be unable to visit with another company or on their own. She explained, “When you find a tour company who actively researches the best location, restaurants, history and group size, you’re left with an optimal traveling experience.” Another customer agreed with the importance of having tour directors with the group because when a problem arose on her trip, the tour directors were there to help and make accommodations. This customer also noted the bonus of being in a small group for the tour because it gave her a chance to meet new people who share a love for travel. One customer explained that before ever going on an escorted tour she used to plan trips with her friends, but now that she’s experienced the advantages of escorted travel firsthand, she’s “never going back” to how she traveled before. There’s no denying that escorted travel has an edge when compared to other types of tourism, so why not try it out for yourself if you haven’t already?

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