Our favorite travel products!

Our favorite travel products!

As tour leaders, people ALWAYS ask us what our favorite travel products are, or what we can't leave home without!  Everyone on our team has their favorites, so we've compiled some here!  


Rynn always wants to make sure she can bring back as many goodies from Italy as possible!  So besides a great suitcase, she finds that these things help her optimize luggage space:

  • Luggage scale - a small electronic luggage scale can save you $100s in overweight baggage fees by weighing your suitcase before arriving at the airport, so that you can redistribute items if needed.
  • Jet Bags - these reusable and protective bottle bags not only protect a wine bottle (or bottle of olive oil, honey, vinegar, jams- whatever you want to bring back!) but it seals and can absorb up to 750ml of liquid in case of breakage!


Dave is all about packing light and being prepared!  In-room laundry supplies to wash some clothes mid-trip are essential (and leave you more room for those souvenirs!).  He's also a big believer in the man bag for keeping necessities close by on outings.

  • In-room laundry essentials - single-use Tide packets and a sink stopper allow you to do a load of laundry in your hotel room (packing quick-dry clothing helps here!) to save room in your suitcase.
  • Cross-body 'man bag' - keeps you hands free and allows you to carry around your phone, wallet, sunglasses, passport and more without having to worry about keeping them in your pockets.  


Kyle's priorities center around comfortable plane travel (reducing anxiety!) and

packing organization! Some things she can't leave home without include:

  • Noise-cancelling headphones - great for reducing plane noise and allowing you to get fully immersed into the in-flight movie or some relaxing music while you sleep.
  • Packing Cubes - a must!!  Specifically the compression cubes which help save space, packing cubes make it easy to organize your clothing.   


Brianna makes sure she travels with the right equipment to keep ahold of all the memories she's sure to make! Sure, we all have cameras on our phones now, but Brianna likes to do something a little extra. She makes sure she looks good for the camera too! Check out: 

  • Disposable Cameras - all those photos in your phone get lost and sit there. Bring a disposable camera to capture those core moments and print them out later! Brings Brianna so much joy! Or if you want to go fancy, check out this GoPro.
  • Travel Wrap - stay warm and fashionable with this travel wrap! Great for airplanes and so easy to mix and match with outfits!

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Ann Tirrell on

This is fantastic! Kyle & team seem to have thought of all of our needs. These trips are fantastic! We are looking forward to our 2022 trip Due Costa! #curatetravel bravo!! #ourkitchenyourworld #caputobrothers

Paul Strizzi on

Yes….compression bags and a cross body bag are MUSTS. Learned this AFTER our first trip….made a big difference on our second trip.

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